Guiding You On Your Journey to Optimize Health, Performance, and Longevity

To Achieve The Lifestyle You Desire.



My Mission:

"To provide a service that helps people better connect with themselves through a tailored holistic approach to health & well-being ."

Disconnection with self is disconnection from the whole.

I've come to realize that to form connections, you need to be of service. If you genuinely add value to ALL the people you meet, the world will begin to open up to you. I believe that the most beneficial method of connecting with "Self", is to take on a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. I'm not talking about "slimming down" or "getting shredded" for summer. I'm talking about optimizing your being through health & wellness so that you can obtain a fully WELL LIVED LIFE!

Whether you’re new to health & fitness or you’re a regular gym-goer and you want to enhance your results, I'm here to help. With several years of experience in the fitness industry, I understand what it takes to build a healthy relationship with exercising, and feeling phenomenal in your own skin.

Optimization is not self-deprivation. 



What's Holistic Lifestyle & Movement Coaching?


As Paul Chek states, Holistic Health is best described as:


"Human life...a series of appointments and disappointments (illness, traffic jams, storms, losses, break-ups), left to its own, tend toward chaos. Holistic Health practices (nutrition, hydration, sleep, breathing, effective thinking) restore order. In the conscious creation of order, aging slows; clarity emerges with empathy and compassion and our capacity to love grows."


What I Can Offer You

As a functional fitness coach and personal trainer, I offer a wide range of fitness services and training styles. Starting from the basics of loading the body properly to developing tailored programming for each individual.



Custom Training Programs Based On Your Goals and Schedule

Mobility and Flexibility Implementation

Injury Prevention and a Focus On Longevity

Functional Training

Become Stronger and More Capable To Meet Your Performance Needs For Real World Activities


What Clients Are Saying?

"Have you ever had a coach who believes in your ability so fiercely that you actually begin to believe in yourself? Trey puts himself where you are, so that he can show you where you can go. I am so grateful to Trey for his focus on form, functionality, and mentorship."

Blakely Dunn

"Trey is great at acknowledging your goals and helping you to figure out the best way to achieve them. He is very patient with your progress. Trey will push you to succeed without forcing any movement on you that you may not be comfortable with. Trey is a beautiful person, through and through, with a beautiful view of the world of health and fitness."

Paige Yodanis

"Trey’s coaching was the game changer for me. His ability to communicate about the movements and help you understand how to improve in form was relieving and empowering. I left feeling hopeful about my health journey. He’s very knowledgeable and you can tell this is his passion.


Above all he truly cares about every individual and their well being. He helps you bust through the goals that you once had and gets you to set goals you never thought were even possible to set. His coaching has truly changed my life."

Carlos Mariscal


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